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Naturopathic medicine diets

Diet Montignac. The Montignac food system is a typical hypocaloric diet in which the glycemic index of foods (their ability to raise blood glucose levels) must be considered.

Separate the food. The theory of separate nutrition is credited to American nutritionist Herbert Shelton. Modern scientific research does not support the principles of separate nutrition.

Food for macrobiotics. Macrobiotic food is entirely vegetarian. Only short-term plant-based nutrition has a healing effect. Macrobiotic nutrition is accompanied by a slew of suggestions and prohibitions.

Starvation. It deprives the body of a number of essential nutrients, most notably proteins, resulting in a state of negative nitrogen balance, and has life-threatening side effects. The weight loss effect is short-lived. It has numerous contraindications. As a result, modern medicine has largely abandoned the use of fasting to treat obesity.

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