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How much can a beginner make on YouTube

Well, now, we pick up saliva and dreams about the Maldives and try to understand what an ordinary YouTube user can count on if he suddenly wants to start his own channel.

Before moving on to numbers, stop and realize that making money on YouTube is not when you are sitting in front of the camera, but money falls on your card. In order to become successful, in order to use at least one of the monetization methods, you have to work hard. And to work very versatile and with dedication.

At a minimum, you need to think about how to make the content interesting, at least you need to learn how to process it so that it is interesting to watch, at least you will need to spend a lot of time on this activity.

Therefore, if you decide to quit your job to start making money on YouTube, we hasten to dissuade you. At first, there will be no money. It is worth doing this only when you already have a stable income that will allow you to pay for an apartment, a loan, food, clothing, and more.

But what we recommend unequivocally to every beginner who has a desire to join the army of bloggers is to try. And if you like it, make it your hobby. A hobby that can later become a professional activity.

Well, now to the main thing – to money.

YouTube was ready to pay 30-40 cents for 1000 views of advertising. At least earlier. We think these figures are very indicative. That is, to start getting something from your video blog (if we are not talking about selling your product through video blogging), you need an audience of 2-3 thousand subscribers. Because not everyone will watch all your videos, and even more so not all of your subscribers will watch ads.

It is worth noting here that this is a price tag for Russia. If you do this overseas, you can expect higher rates. And many Russian-speaking viewers have programs that block ads, although YouTube is trying to fight this at the programmatic level.

As for advertising from third-party companies, then there is also no illusion. The advertiser is not a fool. He needs big numbers, good views. Therefore, if you cannot offer a company 50 thousand views of one video, then you are unlikely to become interesting to someone as an advertising platform. But there is much to strive for, because you can earn much more on such advertising. And finally disconnect from the affiliate program of YouTube itself, which is becoming less and less profitable every year.

Bottom line. If you are just starting your channel, do not count on money. Otherwise, you run the risk of being disappointed in the whole undertaking due to their absence and quitting. And you only need to quit if the process itself does not bring you pleasure.

If you like shooting videos, editing them, uploading, sharing with subscribers, attracting an audience, then give yourself a goal – to do this as a hobby until you achieve the desired result.

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