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Dietary methods for weight loss

Obesity treatment with diets is based on limiting the body’s energy supply. The analysis and scientific study of popular and trendy diets has revealed that the majority of them are either harmful to health or ineffective.

Nutritionists are now proposing new approaches to the treatment of obesity – it is critical to create the right diet for successful weight loss.

Diet cannot be considered a self-sufficient way to lose weight for effective weight loss. It should be combined with other methods such as physical activity, dietary changes, physiotherapy, medicinal methods, and so on.

A low-fat diet is now the most effective, physiological, and simple regime. Aim for no more than 40-50 g of fat per day, as well as complex carbohydrates and a reduction in sugar consumption.

At the moment, the Partial Meal Replacement System (FSS) is being used successfully to lose weight – this is an application in addition to conventional products, the so-called high-quality specials. products – cocktails. The nutrient deficiency is balanced, the development of a deficiency in protein, vitamins, and minerals is avoided, and each portion of the cocktail contains a set number of calories. This allows for simple and consistent diet dosage.

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